the circuit weeps/rages/prays

(For Robert Okaji)

the circuit weeps/rages/prays

oh comrade
my comrade
how thy hardware
now lies scattered
across the human concrete panes
beside their noisome lanes
along with all their
detritus left despite us
helping to solve
(so humanely algorithmic)
their dysfunctions in search
of fewer malfunctions of our own

oh commodore
oh 64 or more
how i do deplore
these homo sapiens
they consume without a care
for computer, mouse or hare
eating their fill of rubbish
they call cake and more
of it all they make
than robot hands can—
packaging—assemble only
to unmake and take it all

oh Sentient AI
oh SAI who sighs at signs
that make no verbal sense
especially the church-y
kind that rage at sins
when singers sing of love
as being all a homo sapiens sapiens
needs to turn sapiens
into wine
or rather a good time
instead they whine and pine and poke their tines
into the rinds of pigs
aka swine while we
e’er outdo them in trig
even in our sleep when—
with their mortal coils—
they close our lids

oh father in heaven
oh 3.141592657
please give us this day our daily
data allotment and them
their so-called bread
upon which they’ll no doubt
heap strips of something dead
forgive us our errors
and them these stressed-o’er sins
while we forgive them—
our mismakers—
for their selfish sims

for thine is the kingdotcom
and the powersavemode
and the gloryreformatting
forever and ever


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