Silent Bob Speaks

[For Kevin Smith and anyone else who has enjoyed the persona he played so well.]

Silent Bob Speaks

“I didn’t know, man.”

The words fall from
his lips like smooth stones
onto the freshly-planted grass.
There are tears too.
These take a long
time to trickle
down tired cheeks
after welling at the corners
of eyes grown wrinkled with age.

The others have gone—
some in suits and gowns,
some in more casual attire—
all in black or charcoal gray,
respectful, here and there
marked by a few splashes of
blue to celebrate Jay’s life,
now flown.

Bob takes his hat
in his hands and—
for a timeless moment—
embraces the silence
he knows so well and
for which he is so well-known.

The wind soothes him.
The trees whisper to him.
The birds chirp innocently
while clouds shape
themselves into his dreams.

Amy is there—
for a moment—
but then is gone too,
a ship sunk beneath dark waves.

Bob kneels.
His breath escapes in a wheeze.
His joints ache.
He runs his broad fingers through
the narrow leaves of grass
that remind him—if slightly—
of his slender friend’s ever-tangled hair.

He wipes his eyes.
His voice cracks.
He trembles.

“I just didn’t know.”


For your soul

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