The Nonastery of NIN

[For transgender children everywhere, especially, but really for any kid who doesn’t fit in.]

The Nonastery of NIN

In the Nonastery of NIN,
   the mice all dress the same,
the beavers say:
   there’s no one to blame,
the rats get up and start to pray,
   but the voles say “no”
   then go out and play.
Angry—the moles clean
   up the mess (in stacks),
so the ferrets can run the business
   (in back).
Meanwhile the ermines try
   and fail to rule the walls.
And the raccoons, well,
   we know (too well)
the price (so steep) of walls
   and where they’ll lead.
So we sweep and sweep and sweep
   the halls with
laser-guided brooms—
   all the while listening
to Saint Stephen’s tunes.


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